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Department Business and Economics
Bachelor / Master


We offer final theses (Bachelor/Master) for students of eco­nom­ics, industrial engineering, mathematics, and other subjects. Prior knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics and basic knowledge of econometrics is helpful but not necessary. Bachelor and master theses can be written in German or English.

Current topics for your thesis could be:

  • Growth

  • International Trade

  • Labor Market Friction and Unemployment

  • Robots and Technical Change

  • Money and Inflation

  • Debt Sustainability

  • Business Cycle Theory

  • Identification of Business Cycle Shocks

  • Regional Disparities

  • Mobility Choices

  • Optimal Taxation

Further potential subject areas can be found on the page of our research focuses. Examples of more concrete topics are given on the course website of the seminar.  In case you do not have a  polished re­search idea yet, we will help you to develop a re­search question. 

We accept thesis inquiries at any point during the year. The Bachelor thesis has to be taken in combination with the project seminar.

For more in­for­mation on writing a thesis at our de­part­ment, please see the thesis guidelines and our Writing Guide.