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Department Business and Economics

Teaching program

All courses currently or in the future offered by the professorship can be found in the tables below. More information on the individual events can be found in the respective semester. Some of them are offered every semester, some only in the winter or summer semester:


Course title Type Module Semester
Macroeconomics L+E Module 5b WT
Growth and International Trade L+E Module 8a-d WT
Labor Markets and Employment Theory (German) L+E Module 8a-d ST
Labor Markets and Employment Theory (English) L+E Module 8a-d ST
Seminar S Module 11 ST /WT
Scientific Writing E Module 11 ST /WT
Project seminar PS Module 11 ST /WT

L = Lecture / E = Exercise / S = Seminar / PS = Project seminar
ST = Summer term / WT = Winter term



Course title Type Module Semester
Dynamic Macroeconomics L+E Makroökonomie IV (Macroeconomics) WT
Regional Disparities L+E Makroökonomie III (Macroeconomics) WT
Dynamic Fiscal Policies L+S Makroökonomie II ST

L = Lecture / E = Exercise /S = Seminar 
ST = Summer term / WT = Winter term


Theses are offered for Bachelor and Master students every semester.