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Department Business and Economics

Dynamic Fiscal Policies

Module: Macroeconomics II
Lecturer: Jung
Credits: 7.5 credits
Type: Lecture and seminar
Language: German
Application: by e-mail to mak.wiwitu-dortmundde
Date and place: monday 10-12 Uhr lecture, 12-14 Uhr seminar
  SRG 1.023
Start: 08.04.24
Type of examination: Oral examination / written exam


The central subject of this module is the analysis of public policies in a dynamic, macroeconomic context. The starting point is a simple dynamic consumption model in which the positive role of the state can be analyzed. The focus is on the analysis of public financing through debt, capital, consumption or income taxes. Afterwards, we study pension and social security systems in an overlapping generations model and discuss fiscal policy throughout the business cycle. In the second part of the course, we discuss changing questions of dynamic fiscal policies based on current academic literature in the form of a seminar.

In this module, students learn the methodology of macroeconomic research. In particular, they acquire the ability to derive decision-relevant information from models supported by empirical research, to test theoretical questions with the help of empirical data and to judge the methodological approach of different theories. One of the central goals of the course is to introduce students to the scientific discourse.

The class targets students that study economics, economics for teaching, mathematics, engineering, logistics, management, statistics or journalism.

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